Turtles Inc. is a fun charitable organization, established in 1960.  The Turtles have distributed over three-quarters of a million dollars to various children’s hospitals, youth ranches, orphan homes, children’s programs, and other recognized and approved charitable institutes throughout the United States and Canada.

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Proceeds will go to the children’s organization.

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The international Association of Turtles of Sheridan, Wyoming, is a Wyoming Non-Profit Corporation, organized for the fun and enjoyment of its members, but with a charitable purpose.   It is tax-exempt and any contributions made to it are tax-deductible as determined by the Bureau of Internal Revenue, and as such, is listed in the current publication “Cumulative List, Organizations described in Sec. 170(d) of the Internal Revenue Code”, a copy of which may be found in your local Revenue Office.  Also, is has been thoroughly investigated by the Post Office department and officially determined that the activities of the “Turtle Club” of Sheridan, Wyoming, violate no postal regulations.

International Association of
Turtles Inc
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